Hack the Box

HackTheBox Mango Write-up

Mango was an interesting box when it comes to enumeration. It taught me to look more closely and not brush off anything just because I have seen it before. The box is also a prime lesson to aggregate your recon info in a structured manner so it’s easier to apply it at other points when you hit a dead end somewhere. There were also some nice opportunities for small, specialised attack scripts, which I particularly enjoyed!


HackTheBox Postman Write-up

Postman was an easy-going box. It required careful enumeration and beyond that did not have too much resistance in privilege escalation. This makes it a prime example for real-world M&M security where the initial foothold is hard, but there is few resistance on the inside.


HackTheBox Wall Write-up

Wall was as much a fun and educational box as it was frustrating and stretching my patience. It felt like the system was updated by the creator to have some features in place meant to annoy people trying to break in. Nevertheless, there are some nice WAF evasion techniques to consider here, as well as the lesson to never give up on enumeration.