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Vacation Traditions

I enjoy getting lost in work. I mean, really enjoy it. I forget to eat and sleep, especially when developing software. There is something addicting about building an MVP as fast as possible, finding the perfect architecture, refactoring your previous hacks, and eventually making your code observable and running smoothly. Whenever I take a vacation,… Continue reading Vacation Traditions


Honest Attempts to Secure an Ecosystem

I have used my off-time from audits in the past months to write more about security. Especially in a nascent ecosystem like Ethereum still is, the most considerable impact can be delivered by educating people. Education has to happen in different modes of complexity, depending on the target audience: Developers must be educated on how… Continue reading Honest Attempts to Secure an Ecosystem


Construct Truffle Artifact Source Lists

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels This is a quick and dirty workaround for an issue that has been bugging me a lot. Truffle is one of the central, if not the most central development tool for building smart contracts on Ethereum to date. When compiling a Truffle project, the output is stored in build/contracts by default. An… Continue reading Construct Truffle Artifact Source Lists


The Web3 API has come to Python!

Last week I received an email in my inbox about a hackathon hosted by the awesome folks over at Amberdata. They are a provider for on-chain data and cover a large variety of blockchains - including Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Stellar. I have met the developers in the team in late 2018 when I was looking… Continue reading The Web3 API has come to Python!