HackTheBox Fuzzy Write-up

Fuzzy is a fun and short challenge on a docker container. It is especially good for teaching beginners the basics of using a fuzzer to discover new endpoints on a webserver. Spawning the container and probing around a bit, we don't have too much success. Using dirbuster and a standard wordlist, we find the endpoint… Continue reading HackTheBox Fuzzy Write-up

cryptography, ctf/hackathon

HackTheBox Obscurity Write-up

Obscurity is a medium-difficulty box. It was super fun to solve because it involved great excuses for me to write some neat little helper scripts and find a vulnerability in Python code. Something you don't do too often in these challenges. Let's dive right in with a nmap scan: $ nmap -sS -sC -oN obscurity.nmap… Continue reading HackTheBox Obscurity Write-up