cryptography, ctf/hackathon

HackTheBox Obscurity Write-up

Obscurity is a medium-difficulty box. It was super fun to solve because it involved great excuses for me to write some neat little helper scripts and find a vulnerability in Python code. Something you don't do too often in these challenges. Let's dive right in with a nmap scan: $ nmap -sS -sC -oN obscurity.nmap… Continue reading HackTheBox Obscurity Write-up


Explain like I’m five: Cryptographic Hashing

tl;dr Just check out the image and read the details below it if you want to know even more. 🙂 A few days back I read an article by Yunyun Chen explaining Hashing in an infographic. I enjoyed it and read some comments, which pointed out a couple of weak spots that result from common misconceptions… Continue reading Explain like I’m five: Cryptographic Hashing