HackTheBox OpenAdmin Write-up

OpenAdmin is yet another medium-difficulty machine, which was a blast to hack on! It involved dealing with various stack components, such as interacting directly with a MySQL database. Furthermore, hopping across multiple users through different escalation vectors was very satisfying. Let’s see how it is done! Our first nmap scan does not yield any exciting results: On port 80, we see the default Ubuntu Apache … Continue reading HackTheBox OpenAdmin Write-up

Converting MySQL Table Data to a Graphml File

I recently found myself in the situation where I was given access to a huge MySQL database that contained network traffic flows and IDS signature match data. As I work a lot with graph-based approaches, I needed to convert the table’s flow data into a graphml file for later visualization and analysis with scripts I have already written. Now without further ado here’s the code: … Continue reading Converting MySQL Table Data to a Graphml File