HackTheBox Registry Write-up

Registry is a box rated at hard difficulty. There are quite a few steps involved, but with a bit of persistence and little experience with Docker internals (hint hint), it looks more daunting than it actually is. Let's go through the process of breaking in step by step! Out initial nmap scan is as unexciting… Continue reading HackTheBox Registry Write-up


HackTheBox Fuzzy Write-up

Fuzzy is a fun and short challenge on a docker container. It is especially good for teaching beginners the basics of using a fuzzer to discover new endpoints on a webserver. Spawning the container and probing around a bit, we don't have too much success. Using dirbuster and a standard wordlist, we find the endpoint… Continue reading HackTheBox Fuzzy Write-up

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Low-level Debugging of Stubborn Docker Containers

A few weeks back I have started contributing to the awesome Mythril project. Mythril is a security scanner for smart contracts that allows everyone to look for vulnerabilities on- and off-chain by being able to analyze raw smart contract code, as well as the actual Solidity code file. To make setting it up more easy,… Continue reading Low-level Debugging of Stubborn Docker Containers